At Luxpitality we partner with unique & upscale hotels and resorts seeking additional group sales and marketing efforts.  We are in 30 countries, so we are able to drive consistent & qualified leads globally.  Our specialty is harnessing local relationships with corporate direct groups, incentive houses, 3rdparty meeting planning companies and travel agencies to provide them with a new and unique group experience for our hotel partners. Interested in becoming a partner? Send us an email – we would be delighted to hear from you!

Benefits to our Hotel Partners:

Featured listing on
Internal email blasts to promote your hotel to our representation team in 20 countries
Tradeshow opportunities
Sales Calls on your behalf to our preferred clients
Regional event opportunities

Planning a Meeting or Event?

Today, we all are under pressure to do more with less. Luxpitality can help you overcome the time, energy and budgetary constraints you might face by assisting in every single aspect of the planning process, even busy work, and doing it all completely free of charge.

As your creative partner and at no cost to you, we will provide a single Luxpitality point of contact to ensure the venue selection process is seamless and streamlined. Behind the scenes, our team of more-than-50 hospitality experts will be researching, reviewing and creating comprehensive and completely customized venue options for your event.

We Find the Perfect Hotel

 Since there are Luxpitality offices in 20 countries around the world, we have first-hand knowledge and experience with thousands of hotels.
  Luxpitality has relationships with leading global and regional hotel brands as well as existing preferred agreements with more than 50 hotel brands.
 Luxpitality has strategic relationships with “destination marketing organizations” that can provide expert advice on the destinations they represent.

We save our clients time, simplify the hotel selection process, and help them secure the perfect venue for meetings, conferences, group trips and events. Additionally, we leverage the partnerships we have with some of the world’s best hotels, resorts & event venues on our client’s behalf to ensure that they always get the best rates & the red carpet treatment that they deserve.

We Prepare and Send Meeting RFPs

We compare and contrast what each city and property has to offer, including availability, cost and suitability to the event needs and objectives. We will prepare and send meeting RFPs only to the best suited properties.

We Review RFP Responses & Compare Quotes

We collect and review all RFP responses, comparing details such as F&B minimum, concessions, date flexibility and total estimated cost, to make the best recommendation for your event.


Your expertise and experience have a home at Luxpitality. We are committed to building and nurturing a dynamic workforce which thrives on delivering the best experience for our clients.

Out diverse global talents represent our most precious resource and this is reflected in our approach to talent management, which is guided by the following core values

Core Values

Strive to be different and unique
Strive to be forward thinking entrepreneurs
Strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and hotel partners
Strive to have fun and enjoy everyday in your personal and professional careers

If these core values outline your love for Luxpitality we would love to hear from you.

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