connecting the hotel industry’s best kept secrets

with the business world’s trailblazers

Who are we?

Luxpitality provides global group sales & marketing representation. We connect the hotel industry’s best kept secrets with the business world’s most exceptional trailblazers… Most importantly we have a blast doing what we love!

Luxpitality connects new-age businesses with luxury resorts, exceptional hotels and outside the box accommodation experiences in more than 500 destinations around the globe. Our team of more-than-50 hospitality experts working out of 30 different countries allows us to harness the power of local relationships & expertise in order to offer our clients completely comprehensive travel planning & sourcing, entirely free of charge.

Additionally, we offer our partner hotels supplemental sales & marketing services by working with each property’s onsite team to achieve their specific goals associated with with domestic and international market expansion as well as new revenue stream development.

We are a group of enthusiastic & forward-thinking hospitality professionals, so our company culture is driven by a spirit of passion & innovation. We pride ourselves on partnering with companies & hotels that share this same mindset & we always find a way to help our partners achieve optimal results


Our mission is to redefine how business is done in the Hospitality Industry by simplifying the process & making it fun again. We want to reintroduce tangible value to the equation by forging intuitive relationships that are less transactional & more symbiotic.


Our vision is to continue fostering a community of hotel partners comprised of the coolest & most unique properties around the globe and to continue matching them with our clients, comprised of the coolest & most innovative companies on the planet.